Sebach Products

Sebach toilets represent an authentic advancement in the portable sanitation industry and are the result of years of manufacturing experience. Our toilets are made of high density polyethylene and are treated to resist against the effects of UV Action. This grants color stability and parts durability at extreme temperatures.

Sebach is a blend of practical features and captivating design that emphasizes our attention to detail and to the requirements of the portable toilets operators. The use of the most sophisticated and hardwearing materials transformed by high-tech production systems is combined with an engineering project that aims to reduce the maintenance costs related to the service of portable toilets and increase safety for the operator.

Sebach design has been specifically developed to achieve ultra-smooth surfaces which are therefore easy to wash; the assembly of the walls with overlapping systems means that the rivets can be concealed, making cleaning more practical and safer and the inside of the cabin more refined and stylish.