Eco Sebach

The environment, social factors and the economy are integrated into sustainability, creating a model that will allow future generations to enjoy a better quality of life. The company dedicates itself every day to the environmental sustainability of its products, focusing on:

  • recycling of materials
  • customizing toilets
  • saving resources

Sebach toilets

  • are conceived to be completely dismantled at the end of its life cycle and their materials are easily recyclable thanks to a limited use of metallic pieces.
  • contain a reduced and homogeneous number of materials, mainly the HDPE that has a high level of recyclability.
  • minimize the use of adhesives and solvents. Sebach's technological innovation allows to apply very fine layers of film without the use of adhesives. The film is integrated and homogenized with the raw material to comply with high level of environmental compatibility (IML technology).

Saving Resources

  • Reduced water consumption: specific technical solutions have led to less than 0,1 l of water to be used per flush instead of the 3-9 l used in a normal home toilet.
  • Reduced consumption of energy during use: the roof of our portable toilets is translucent to let light in and the internal mechanism works mechanically avoiding the use of electricity.
  • Service at low environmental impact: Sebach completes its range of products providing a line of service vehicles and vacuum tanks that combine the saving of water, sanitary concentrate and the collecting of toilet waste.